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          v  i  t  a  e        
        l  i  n  k  s            
            c  o  n  t  a  c  t        
            d  i  r  e  c  t  i  o  n  s        

t h e   b i n d e r y

s e r v i c e s

Nipping Press
b o o k   c o n s e r v a t i o n

The bindery offers the range of conservation treatments for books and documents. From reinforcing inner hinges to cloth and leather rebacking; up to complete disbinding, leaf washing and repair, resewing, and either retention of as much of the original binding as feasible or a new binding utilizing structure and materials decided on in consultation with the client; and conservation of maps and documents. I can also provide housing in the forms of phase containers, portfolios and clamshell boxes.  

Some past institutional clients include Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, PA; St. Charles Seminary, Overbrook, PA;  Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ; Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Sandy Point binding e d i t i o n   b i n d i n g

My goal in binding multiples is to produce individual copies (up to 150) which show the same concern for design and usability as for a fine binding while being simpler in structure and detail. While I have utilized leather and vellum for editions, most of the bindings have emphasized the potentialities inherent in cloth and paper.  The bindery currently has no edition clients.

Past clients include The Press of Appletree Alley, with whom I worked for twenty years; Aralia Press; Bird & Bull Press; Caliban Press; The Little Farm Press.

Ghosts of Harlem binding d e s i g n   b i n d i n g

Although the artists' book movement has expanded the potentialities of the book as a work of art, the formal codex book still speaks most strongly to me as a structural and conceptual form. The challenge is to design and execute a binding which is simultaneously: of it's time, yet will not be seen someday as dated; related to the text in a way that's not immediately obvious; well crafted. Occasionally the work shows promise.
c a l l i g r a p h y

Most of the calligraphy I do these days is for myself, such as the lettering for Rules for Bookbinders. I do get the occasional request to letter wedding certificates. I do not address envelopes any more....

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